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Outsider Television is an independent television and radio production company. Formed in 1993, its first film was the award-winning investigation into the truth of the Marchioness disaster. The film – made for Channel 4’s Dispatches – led to a public inquiry into the tragedy and provoked veteran TV writer Nancy Banks smith to hail the brand new company as “a brilliant baby”.

Today we maintain the same high standards – specialising in quality current affairs, observational and investigative television programmes, primarily for UK broadcasters.  We have recently also branched into web-based literary promotional videos for publishers and authors – see the side panel on this page.

Our films and co-pros have ranged from Hamleys A Real Toy Story , a remarkable observational documentary about a crucial year in the life of the famous toy store – which won the Wincott Best Business Film Award,  to On Whose Orders – a major investigation for BBC Panorama into serious allegations of prisoner abuse and unlawful killing by British troops in Iraq. The film generated considerable controversy and the BBC had to go to court to overturn a gagging order to broadcast it. See also the recent article by Callum Macrae in the Guardian on the Baha Mousa Inquiry here.

Other recent films have included The Final Betrayal for Al Jazeera English. Shot in Uganda and Southern Sudan it examined the delicate struggle for peace in the 20 year old war which has ravaged that area.

Our most recent production was America’s New Frontline – a flagship two part series presented by Rageh Omaar for Al Jazeera English.  Filmed over six months throughout Africa, the US and Europe, this was a definitive investigation into America’s new strategy for Africa under Obama.  The films have been seen all over the world and continue to generate debate in Europe, America and Africa. See the trailer for the film below or the films themselves here.  See the Voxafrica debate with the film’s director Callum Macrae here.

The company has a number of international and domestic films in development. We are currently developing a major science project with the support of the Wellcome Foundation and production has also started on two films to be shot in North West Africa in April and May 2010.

Last October America launched a brand new military command for Africa.  It was a product of the Bus era, the Global War on Terror and America’s rush for oil – but now it serves a new, African American president.

Filmed over six months throughout Africa, the US and Europe – this is the definitive investigation into AFRICOM and America’s strategy for Africa under Obama.

To see both films in full click here.

See our past programmes here

VOXAFRICA debate with Callum Macrae here






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